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Escuela Canina FOGAUS

Escuela Canina FOGAUS

Company: FOGAUS Centro Adiestramiento y Psicología Canina

Telephone: 2292-7121 / 8709-0333 / 8398-9000



Main location: Coronado, San José

Exact address: 500 m north, 300 west of the school of San Pedro of Coronado, San José.


The International Training and Education Center FOGAUS in Animal Psychology is located in Coronado, San José. We are absolute animal lovers and we specialize in canine behavior and positive education and training for professional trainers and new-style courses, “Train your Dog”: high-quality workshops where we educate the owners in the area of Canine Education. FOGAUS school is the most recommended by veterinarians in Costa Rica for its effective methodology in education, ensuring the humane treatment of animals and the best results. We understand the feeling and bond that binds you to your pet, and so we know how important it is for you and we treat your pet as if it were our own. Your dog will receive an education of the highest quality, since we specialize in canine education and of course, strong advocates for education without abuse. Our training is based always using positive reinforcement methods in learning and cognitive methods for your dog. Learn enjoying, as FOGAUS is strongly against animal abuse, both physical and psychological. We affirm that learning has to be something positive, where the dog is happy to be polite. We offer obedience training available for dogs of any age and any race, either at home or in our school and specialize in training for puppies from 2 months of age, besides the possibility that you learn how to follow training patterns and tricks to make your dog behave the right way so that you can live calmly at home. Courses “Train your dog” (group classes): After the success in the four editions of training for professional trainers, FOGAUS courses now offers training for the owners during on the weekends. There are three levels: from zero, basic and advanced, with numerous competitions, seminars, dog sports, etc.

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